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Hello and welcome to my vintage toy blog. Following on from the 'success' of my tinplate toy blog (Collecting Tin Toys) I've decided to push ahead with a new blog on vintage toys in general. I say success but I have to admit I don't really know what constitutes success in the blogging world. At the moment I seem to be attracting in excess of 2000 visitors a month, to the 'Collecting Tin Toys' blog and I can see from the many searches that lead people to the site that lots of questions are being answered. That's really rather more than I hoped for so I'm happy and I feel justified in claiming some success at least in my own terms.

As you might expect then you won't find very much chat here. It's all about information. As I noted on my tin toy blog I take a lot of pictures in the course of preparing auctions etc. and I do a fair bit of hunting around for information. It seems a pity not to make as much of that work as possible available here, to recycle it if you will. To this end you will find at least two Picassa photo-galleries associated with this blog, one with catalogue scans and related material and one with photographs of actual toys. Please do take a look as you will find a lot of information is included in the photo captions.

Just one further note before starting. I'm not really bothered too much about quality or rare toys. A cheap plastic 'stocking filler' toy from the 1960's (when I was growing up) is of as much interest to me as the most expensive or rare toy. It's really the element of nostalgia that attracts me and I suspect that this is at its strongest with the cheap ephemeral toys that everyone had. Old toys, that may have been long forgotten, have the power to bring back memories and even the 'feel' of childhood, to bridge the gap with the past.

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